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Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is known as the gold standard of bariatric surgery over the last decade.


The stomach is divided into 2 portions. The smaller upper pouch of stomach is then connected to a Y shaped intestine, so that most of the fat ingested is not digested or absorbed and the patient also feels satisfied with a small or moderate amount of food intake. The ingested food is bypassed from direct contact with the large portion of excluded stomach. Hence the name Gastric Bypass.

The excluded part of stomach continues to work, secrete acid, which mixes with bile, pancreatic juice and is available for digestion in the distal part of intestine.

Research suggests that this operation has a strong anti diabetic action because of the secretion of hormones called incretins namely GLP1 & PYY. Incretins are substances which stimulates the pancreas to secrete more insulin and also improve the action of available insulin by reducing insulin resistance. The procedure is reversible since no part of the body is removed. However, it can be safely reversed only by experts.

Patient needs to take supplements of proteins, vitamins, micro and macro nutrients.

Pioneer research is being conducted at LOC for the effect of GBP on type 2 diabetes – COSMID-CTRI no.2010/091/002814

Yatin Prabhavalkar
153kg to 90kg / Lost 63 Kg in 19 months

Yatin Prabhavalkar

I was 153 kg and I lost 63kg in 1 year and 7 months. Now I am 90kg. My day starts with a 90 minute walk of 10km. My thrice a day insulin has completely stopped. I feel like a sportsmen. Thanks to Dr Shashank Shah.

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