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At 135 kg, it’s surely a lighter Diwali for her
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Amita Rajani, 43, weighed 300kg before she went for the bariatric surgery, after which her weight dtropped down to 135kg.  Amita, who could not move out of her bed once, has shed 165 kg after a life-saving bariatric surgery. She now takes a morning walk every day

Amita Rajani has been spending four hours outdoors every day. She’s shopped for Diwali and her mother has made homemade chocolates this year. But what is so special? For the past eight years, Amita’s world was restricted to the bedroom of her Vasai home. Her weight was close to 300kg and she was unable to get up—let alone move around.

A year-and-a-half after a life-saving bariatric surgery, Amita is now down to 135kg and can finally stepped out of her house. “Now I don’t stay home. I go out every day. I have been meeting my relatives and I have even planned a trip to Kerala” says Amita, who is now 43.

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