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Dr Shashank Shah's


  • The only team certified as International centre of excellence with 2 facilities with state of art equipments and also with certified surgeons by Surgical review board of bariatric program of US.
  • The only well trained team in Asia pacific region having a multidisciplinary team of experts devoted for patient care.
  • Master team in Minimally invasive or key hole surgery technique for many difficult surgeries
  • Type of bariatric / metabolic surgery is decided according to the need and compliance of the patient
  • Highly skilled and experienced, world renowned surgeon’s team.
  • Very high success rates and low complication and mortality rates.
  • Thorough preoperative preparation program to improve safety of the procedure.
  • Easy access to medical specialties, availability of team doctors 24/7 for urgent problems.
  • Intensive follow ups of operated bariatric patients by the team co-ordinaters which helps patient to succeed
  • A centre recognized with pioneer research and prominent publications in the field of bariatric and metabolic-mechanisms and results
  • A centre easily accessible as it is placed in metro cities, Mumbai and Pune
  • A first training centre in India for bariatric and metabolic surgery
  • A renowned training centre for hernia surgeries
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Reach Us

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