10 reasons why women are more prone to obesity

10 reasons why women are more prone to obesity

Females have multiple physiological phases in lifelike Menarche- Onset of menses, pregnancy, and menopause. Females also have a higher percentage of fat as compared to males genetically and these things may make them more prone to weight regain and also weight-related health issues.

Here are some simple tips for females:

1.If a female is gaining weight, has delayed onset of menses, and starts developing male sexual characters like excess facial hair growth or has PCOD, it could be the right time to prevent or treat obesity. These are the early signs and it is generally seen that pediatric obesity may often continue as adult obesity.

2.If there is a family history of Obesity or Diabetes these diseases can be seen in the children at a much younger age as compared to their previous generation.

3.Those with a family history of Cancers like- Breast, Ovarian, or Endometrial/Uterine cancer should take special care in female family members to maintain weight.

4.This is attributed to excess levels of Oestrogens in the body from the excess fat deposits/ adipose tissue.

5. Obesity can induce PCOD, insulin resistance, and certain unfavorable hormonal changes which are seen as one of the main causes of infertility.

6.Conventional diets followed during pregnancy in India is not an ideal diet during pregnancy. Those with obesity have to have their diets designed especially during pregnancy.

7.Iron and Vitamin B 12 deficiencies are common in Indian females. Evaluation of vitamin deficiencies and treatment is an important part of obesity treatment.

8.In Urban areas household work is sometimes thought to be exercise or physical activity. Even any kind of exertion is not necessarily an exercise. Active living and measuring one’s activity level using Health Apps can give better tips. The number of steps can be increased by walking more, avoiding elevators when possible etc.

9.Fresh food should be preferred over semi-cooked and over ready-to-cook meals.

10.Being a normal weight is most often perceived as being beautiful by women. Obesity can interfere with this part of quality of life and may induce emotional changes/stress. This should be accepted as a disease and treated aggressively.