11-month-old Shreejit Hingankar doesn't need to go under the knife

It's happy Diwali in true sense for 11-month-old Shreejit Hingankar who currently weighs around 17kg and suffers from Leptin gene mutation/deficiency that causes obesity. To treat the condition he would have had to go under the knife, an option the doctors and his parents have been skeptical about.

“This is a new case to me, so now I have started approaching some of the pharma companies in England. For this patient we will raise funds and arrange the injections. We recently got the report from the NIRRH. Now, we will decide the treatment in accordance with the report,said Dr Shashank Shah, former president of the Obesity Surgery Society of India (OBSSI) and bariatric surgeon.

He added: Shreejit had leptin gene mutation and it led to deficiency of leptin hormone. Fortunately, the leptin receptors are normal. He can be partly treated with leptin injections which are very expensive and are required life long treatment. Replacement by leptin injections may reduce his hunger and improve metabolism.

Source : DNA INDIA