5 reasons why you do not lose weight

5 reasons why you do not lose weight?

1. One of the most important reasons for not losing weight is inadequate knowledge of obesity as a disease and self-made attempts to treat the same. Like any other disease, obesity needs treatment from expert doctors to evaluate the cause and any correctable factors like hormone imbalance or deficiencies. Some hormonal changes, some medications, vitamin deficiency, undiagnosed hypothyroidism, or diabetes can be some correctable reasons for not losing weight.

2. Unscientific treatments, fad diets that don’t suit one’s body can induce an ÿo-yo effect and in fact, could prove harmful.

3. Many times, a person chooses a certain type of treatment or diet based on the fact that someone else had success in losing some weight. But weight loss therapies need to be tailor-made for each individual since there are variations between two individuals. One size fit all cannot be true for the treatment of obesity.

4.It is found that compliance or adherence to a certain therapy is a challenge for many due to various reasons. Treatments that can be followed for a longer duration, even though they are small steps should be chosen. Losing weight sometimes may be easy but maintaining it is always a challenge due to the body's physiology.

5.Metabolism and hormones govern weight, which eventually decides one's weight loss success. In the presence of abnormal metabolism, weight loss attempts do not succeed. This is true for those who have crossed a certain BMI or weight at which the metabolism has induced some changes of weight gain. For these people, metabolic and bariatric surgery is the best scientific option to lose large amounts of excess weight as well as maintain it. Bariatric surgery works through the correction of hormones and metabolism and hence patients find it easy to maintain the lost weight even in the long run.