ASK THE EXPERT (Dr Shashank Shah Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeon)

Dr Shashank Shah, a Metabolic and Bariatric surgeon intents to make people aware that Type II diabetes is reversible via surgery. He is one of the first surgeons to receive the American Diabetics Association's prestigious scholar award for pioneer research in surgical treatment for Type II diabetes, Dr. Shah answers a few questions.

Which patients should go for this surgery?

Any patient who is on insulin and has a prominent belly with uncontrollable diabetes can go for this surgery. It is a boon for people whose nerve sensation is disappearing, sexual and kidney function is deteriorating, patients with higher cardiac risk or if medicines and prolonged diet have failed to show the desired result. Diabetes surgery guidelines state that those with Type II diabetes who are prone to chronic life-threatening diseases and uncontrolled with BMI more than 28 years of age may consider this option.

Is it a critical surgery?

The keyhole procedure takes less than an hour. It's painless and the patient can get back to a routine within three days. The procedure is based on stomach and or intestine where the stomach is converted into a smaller pouch which is connected to the intestine in such a way that passage of food is rerouted from stomach to mid part of the intestine. This will stimulate certain hormones, in turn stopping the conversion of food into fat and sugar.

What are the after-effects of the surgery?

The lifesaving surgery will simplify the patient life by taking them off insulin with normal sugar level.

They will have the freedom to eat f like a normal person. Soon all the complications will disappear or. stabilise.

Why surgery when medicines are available?

Unfortunately, medicines don't work I for every patient with diabetes making them helpless. Diabetes suppresses immunity and may worsen quality of life. Metabolic surgery can be the last scientific solution for those unfortunate ones.

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