Ditching plus size with plus side of weight-loss surgeries

Family predisposed to metabolic disorders opts for bariatric surgeries to get rid of health complications

A family from the city has emerged as one of the largest families, if not the largest, to undergo weight-loss surgeries after all nine members across three generations opted for the procedures due to a genetic predisposition to metabolic disorders. The youngest in the family to undergo bariatric surgery was 14 while the oldest was 72, as the entire family struggled with diabetes, hypertension and thyroid.

Metabolic and Bariatric surgeon Dr Shashank Shah, who performed the surgeries on all the nine, claimed, “This could well be the largest number of people from a family to have undergone bariatric surgery. Explaining this family's metabolic condition, Dr Shah said, While they have more hunger pangs and thus end up eating more often and in large quantities, diseases like thyroid also add to their weight gain.