What is Gynaecomastia?

It is the development of breast or breast like tissue or fat in the chest wall in males.

It is also known as male breasts or male boobs or male chest,The main indication of treatment is social embarrassment.

How does obesity cause Gynaecomastia?

It is most commonly seen in today's era in males with obesity and it is induced by obesity.

Fat is known as one of the largest endocrine organ in the body and has severe functions including secretary functions.Excess fat in the body is responsible for peripheral aromatization of androgens(male Hormones)Estrogens(female Hormones),in addition obesity is known to reduced Testosterone levels and increased Estrogen levels can gives rise to development of breasts in males with obesity .There is also associated fat deposition with it in the chest wall.


How to Diagnose Gynaecomastia?

The diagnosis is obvious by visual impression and sometimes Gynaecomastia may be associated with pain or discomfort during exercise.

INVESTIGATIONS : since Gynaecomastia may be caused due to various diseases like obesity where estrogen levels increase or testosterone levels increased,through investigations are performed to diagnose the basic course.

various other disease like thyroid disorder,renal or liver disease,certain drugs or tumors may also cause Gynaecomastia.

Are there any associated conditions with Gynaecomastia in males with obesity?

In obese males,Hypogonadism or pseudohypogonadism can be an association and mainly due to the excess fat in the body giving rise to increase levels of estrogens and leptin.

The treatment is mainly focus on weight management.

This condition is also known as MOSH syndrome or male obesity secondary Hypogonadism.

Treatment of Gynaecomastia :

1. Diagnosis and Treatment basic course

2. Treatment of obesity.

When should Gynaecomastia be treated :

Early treatment of Gynaecomastia can resolve with correction of the course and appropriate management of obesity.


It is the most common procedure for removing the breast fat ,liposuction is a laser technology based on ultrasound .It is minimally invasive treatment and can be day care .occasionally,a small incision is made in the areola or circular position of nipple and the thick glandular tissue is removed through it.this procedure is called subcutaneous Mastectomy.

Benefits of treatment for Gynaecomastia :

It helps the person to restore the contour of the chest wall and helps body sculpting.

What happens if Gynaecomastia treatment is delayed ?

A hernia can be usually detected with a physical examination. We may also recommend a few tests to be done in order to further assess the patient’s condition and the root cause of the hernia. Mentioning them below

  • In obese boys or adults,if obesity is not treated in time Gynaecomastia continues to grow in size.
  • If it induces larger breasts or pendulous breast,additional surgical procedures may need body contouring.
  • It is advised scientifically to get obesity treated optimally before treating Gynaecomastia in obese males.
  • Bariatric surgery for morbid obesity is known to reverse Gynaecomastia in early stages .This is due to correction of hormones in the male hormone or Testosterone.

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