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10 reasons why women are more prone to obesity

10 reasons why women are more prone to obesity

Females have multiple physiological phases in lifelike Menarche- Onset of menses, pregnancy, and menopause. Females also have a higher percentage of fat as compared to males genetically and these things may make them more prone to weight regain and also weight-related health issues.

Here are some simple tips for females:

1.If a female is gaining weight, has delayed onset of menses, and starts developing male sexual characters like excess facial hair growth or has PCOD, it could be the right time to prevent or treat obesity. These are the early signs and it is generally seen that pediatric obesity may often continue as adult obesity.


5 reasons why you do not lose weight

5 reasons why you do not lose weight?

One of the most important reasons for not losing weight is inadequate knowledge of obesity as a disease and self-made attempts to treat the same. Like any other disease, obesity needs treatment from expert doctors to evaluate the cause and any correctable factors like hormone imbalance or deficiencies. Some hormonal changes, some medications, vitamin deficiency, undiagnosed hypothyroidism, or diabetes can be some correctable reasons for not losing weight.

Unscientific treatments, fad diets that don’t suit one’s body can induce an ÿo-yo effect and in fact, could prove harmful.


Appetite changes

Appetite changes: One study finds that as people lose weight, they eat about 100 calories more for every 2 pounds lost

There are millions who would have lost up to 5 to 10 percent of their weight but the negligible percent of them can maintain it in the long run. Studies suggest it is due to hunger and hormones. In addition, the slowing of metabolism is another reason for the same.

Once a person loses weight, the hunger hormone levels increase slowly. This makes the person hungry and he starts eating more. Even the cravings overall for different food items also increases. Eventually, the calories consumed increase and the energy spent reduces due to the slowed metabolism. This is the reason how increased appetite results in weight gain.


blood pressure and sugar control

You do not need to lose as much as you think: - with only 10% weight loss people can experience noticeable changes in blood pressure and sugar control

Losing any amount of the excess unwanted weight is always beneficial. It is known that losing about 10 percent weight has benefits like improved blood pressure and improvement of diabetes, provided the weight loss is maintained.

The other truth is that in many patients with morbid obesity, 10% weight loss may not be enough. There are many weight-related comorbidities like osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, spine diseases, and pain, etc. These comorbidities are reversed only after almost 70% of excess weight loss.


A Healthy Sip - Drink Smart, Live Smart

As the summer begins we remember the Tagline :
“Mango Frooti Fresh And Juicy “
So we came up with a mouth-watering, healthy and unique juice recipe that will improve our immunity. Our chief nutritionist: Ms. Radhika Shah named it as
"World’s Favourite Mango Sugar-Free Drink" Even healthy for our Diabetic and obesity patients. Even if one isn't a Diabetes and obesity patient, low calories from sugars is always a better choice

Health Benefits :
1) No added preservatives.
2) Low carbohydrate