A Healthy Sip - Drink Smart, Live Smart

As the summer begins we remember the Tagline :
“Mango Frooti Fresh And Juicy “
So we came up with a mouth-watering, healthy and unique juice recipe that will improve our immunity. Our chief nutritionist: Ms. Radhika Shah named it as
"World’s Favourite Mango Sugar-Free Drink" Even healthy for our Diabetic and obesity patients. Even if one isn't a Diabetes and obesity patient, low calories from sugars is always a better choice

Health Benefits :
1) No added preservatives.
2) Low carbohydrate
3) No added sugar and hence calorie restricted
4) As prepared with Fresh Fruit rich In vitamins and minerals.

5) Restricted use of mango and hence can be consumed by people/patients on weight loss treatment / Diabetic
6)Takes care of Hydration in summers.

Ingredients ( For 3 Glasses )

1. Raw mango 1 small or (Half big )
2. Alphonso Mango (1/2 ) 3 slices
3. Salt
4. Sugarfree sweetener

1. Peel one raw mango and One Alphonso mango
2. Take 3 slices of mango and 1 peeled Raw mango in a vessel and add 1 cup water
3. Pressure cook this
4. Once cooked well let it cool and then blend the pulp
5. Add this pulp in the glass add around 1 cup of water, sugar-free sweetener and salt.
6. Add a lot of ice and serve chilled..