Laparo-Obeso Centre Becomes Pune's First Patient-Centric Digital Health Provider

Patient-Centric Digital Health Provider is an award to recognize excellence in patient-engagement & education activities of healthcare establishments. It is granted by AboutMyClinic to healthcare establishments which undertake consistent, sincere, transparent & measurable digital initiatives to serve, engage & educate patients better.

Laparo-Obeso Centre has become first healthcare establishment in Pune to be recognized as Patient-Centric Digital Health Provider. Professionally managed by world-renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Shashank Shah, Laparo-Obeso Centre is well known for its initiatives focused on patient education. Over last one year, Laparo-Obeso Center has embraced digital channels to effectively engage & educate patients. With its SmartSite, Laparo-Obeso Centre has now become virtually available 24/7 to its patients and offers them high quality health-information, quickly answers health questions & enquiries, offers treatment details & transparent price estimates and provides real-time updates to patients.

Every patient has been given a dedicated & secure account for free to interact & communicate with Laparo-Obeso Centre using their laptops, tablets or smartphones. These digital initiatives have garnered positive patient-feedbacks and are expected to positively impact patient's overall approach towards informed health management.