Our Facilities

Laparo-Obeso Centre ( LOC) is the first centre dedicated to the advanced scientific treatment of obesity and related metabolic diseases. With the highest experience of more than 3000 procedures, Dr. Shah founded the first dedicated, high-tech centre for metabolic and bariatric surgery. “Laparo-obeso Centre” in Pune.

The centre with its ultramodern infrastructure and well qualified consultants team..is certified as a International Centre of Excellence by the SRC, the American board. The American board also certified their surgeons as the “Super Surgeon Category”.

A special unique design of LOC allows a special comfort which facilitates easy handing of morbidly obese patients. A tender care is offered to these patients by a specially trained staff of LOC. A pleasant interior of LOC adds the beauty and warmth to the patients during his stay in LOC. All these things are according to the recommended protocol of American board of metabolic and bariatric surgery-an essential part for the International Centre of excellence program.

LOC can offer the best minimally invasive surgery with minimum or no scar .With the help of highly skilled surgeon and a result of a highly advanced laparoscopic system with 3D camera, which allows better accuracy during the surgery.

In LOC, undergoing surgery is an almost painless experience. A speedy recovery is possible because of the advancement in anesthesia and pain relief medicines.