Sleeve Gastrectomy Deuodeno-Jejunostomy, Weight Loss Treatment In Pune and Mumbai, Obesity Treatment in Pune and Mumbai

Sleeve Gastrectomy with Duodeno-Jejunostomy(DJB)

This procedure involves creating a sleeve that is surgically removing two-thirds of the stomach portion and then also bypassing the first 100- 150 cms of the small intestine, and joining it as a loop to the first part of the small gut, which is the duodenum.

This is a new procedure, mainly for patients with Diabetes Mellitus with or without obesity.

This combines sleeve gastrectomy to provide the restrictive effect, and also the
upper small intestinal bypass to provide malabsorptive effect, thus leading to weight reduction.

Also, it induces a variety of intestinal hormonal changes, all of which lead to
lowering of blood sugar levels and improved insulin secretion, thus resolving type ii diabetes mellitus even in patients who are not obese.


The advantage of this procedure is that the chances of frequent stools and
esophageal reflux are less. Also, a single anastomosis is made, which can be
examined via endoscopy.

It is a partially reversible procedure, which works to its advantage in selecting this surgery especially for resolution of type II diabetes mellitus.