Online food orders…… a major cause for obesity!

Online food orders, a major cause of obesity | is obesity an outcome of online food | is online food-safe ?
Obesity has become a pandemic and every family would have someone suffering from it. It is not only food rich in carbohydrates, fat and sugar, it is also linked to your overall lifestyle. Obesity runs in families and so does diabetes (type2). However, it is not only due to genetics; at times it is the family’s culture and lifestyle which adds to it. The major challenge is that the younger generation is getting affected more .
What are the reasons of obesity in the younger generation?
Whenever we cook food at home, we cook adequately, hygienically and evaluate the quantity required for the family.
However, when we order food online, we tend to order more because of many reasons like offers, discounts, combo packs, etc. Everyone feels they may get more at a lesser cost
Day by day, this becomes a habit and one may get addicted to the online food delivery and subsequent overeating. Even parents do not interrupt their kids while ordering and at times even feel proud that even their kid can order food online. Parents either ignore or unaware of the adulterated ingredients, the type of oil used in many of the food joints. Some of the food joints use excess oil, preservatives, artificial colors or favors and even overheat or reheat the food products. I am not even getting into the issues of hygiene or the choice of fresh food or meat. Most of such fast-food consists of large amount of sugars from various sources, fats and carbohydrates with fewer minerals, vitamins or nutrients. This means that the person is consuming a large amount of unhealthy calories in the form of fast food and starts gaining weight, rather fat.
Due to work pressure, schedule, or travel, many of the working people order food online. However, one needs to monitor how frequently should one eat outside food or food ordered online, especially with a focus on the fact that nutrition is important for immunity. The body is unable to sustain this overload of unhealthy nutrition and it invariably induces disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids, etc. which remain as chronic conditions.

Working parents may not find time for cooking but they have to focus on whether their children are getting adequate nutrients required for healthy growth. They should keep a close watch on the weight of their children and intervene timely.

Hence, the next time you buy a smartphone for your kid and download a food app; take a pause and think about the consequences.

Our grandparents many times eat everything and still stay fit. The secret of their fitness is a healthy lifestyle, fixed routine for work and eating meals, having a balanced diet and home-cooked food. Advanced technology has taken away hard work from us. We easily get what we need just on an app.

Obesity is on the rise and among the youngsters and kids. It is still time to wake up.

COVID-19 era:

Ordering food online may increase! One must learn to count calories and ensure adequate nutrition in the form of food rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is possible!

Daily exercise and active living are key to modifying your lifestyle to a healthier one.

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