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About Laparo Obeso Centre

Certified by International Excellence Federation, IEF, for Laparoscopic Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

International Centre of Excellence, ICE, certified by Surgical Review Corporation (2010-2016), American Board.
Ideal Obesity Clinic for in-patient and out-patient care with the latest state-of-art infrastructure in Operation Theatres and well-equipped wards and ICU.

One of Asia’s High-Volume Centers for all Bariatric Surgeries, including the latest techniques of single/incision/no scar surgeries.

High Volume Centre for all General Surgeries including surgeries for Hernia, Gallbladder, Breast, Uterus (Hysterectomy, Fibroids), ovaries, thyroid, Thymus(Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis), Varicose veins, Portal Hypertension, Cancer, Piles, Prostrate, etc

Limca Book Of Record, July 2005 for 45 hernia surgeries in just 10 hours

First Training centre in India for Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries, including bariatric surgeries.

Trained & proctored over 2000surgeons from all over India and the Asia-Pacific region.

Pioneer of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Asia.

Pioneer Research in Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes.

Ideal and comprehensive Post Bariatric care, including corrective cosmetic surgeries.

Dream Slim Club - An Obesity Support Group for patient education for pre and post-surgery care.

Complete digital support for consultation and follow up on WhatsApp, telephone, email, etc.

Airport pickup-drop and local sightseeing facilities offered.

Laparo-Obeso Centre affiliations

  • Boston University School of Medicine for Bariatric Training programs.
  • CEMAST - Centre Of Excellence For Minimal Access Surgery Training.
  • Collaborative Research Centre with Symbiosis International (Deemed) University.
  • MUHS for fellowships in Laparoscopy and Bariatrics.
  • Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), U.S.A.

About Dr Shashank Shah : Leading Bariatric Surgeon In India

  • President - AIAARO (All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity)
  • Past President - IEF (International Excellence Federation) India chapter
  • Immediate Past President OSSI -Obesity surgery society of India
  • Director - Laparo-Obeso Centre
  • Honorary Surgeon - Poona Hospital and Research Centre, Pune.
  • Honorary Surgeon - Hinduja Healthcare Hospital, Khar.
  • Postgraduate teacher for Diplomat of National Board (DNB) for General Surgery.
  • Executive Council Member and Founder Member - Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India (AMASI).
  • Founder Secretary and Trustee-Association of Minimally Invasive Surgeons Pune (AMIS)
  • Past Secretary - Poona surgical Society (PSS)
  • Member of the Board of International Bariatric Surgical Review Corporation (IBSRC)
  • Invited member Webmed Central plus Bariatric And Metabolic Surgery Editorial Board as a speciality editor
  • First surgeon in the world of super surgeon category certified as Centre of Excellence at 2 places
  • Editorial Board Member: Bariatric times
  • Editorial Board Member Obesity Society Journal, the official journal of IFSO (International Federation for Surgery for Obesity)
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Obesity and Metabolic Research (JOMR)
  • Faculty for AETF Asia Endosurgery Task Force
  • Visiting professor for IRCAD
  • Visiting professor at France-Strasbourg's University Hospital for IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer)
  • Only Indian to be invited as a faculty for all 4 international consensus summits for Sleeve Gastrectomy held in New York from 2009 to 2012 & the only Indian faculty for first 3 meetings of the same

More about Dr Shashank Shah.

Dr Shashank Shah, who is the pioneer bariatric surgeon in India, is the symbol of excellence with high experience in a challenging field of metabolic and bariatric surgery and emerging surgical option offering the ray of hope for Indian or Asians who are suffering from metabolic diseases like diabetes with obesity. Dr Shah is the first and only Indian to head three major international societies on diabetes

Dr Shah is the Former President of AIAARO (All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity), Former President of Obesity Surgery Society of India and Former President of International Excellence Federation of Asia.

Dr Shah has done his Fellowship in bariatric surgery at USA, Italy, France, Brazil and at various other renowned centres across the world. A Fellowship for Minimally Access Surgery (FMAS) which was awarded by the hands of Hon. Former Andra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu

12 years ago, Dr Shah founded Laparo Obeso Centre, a comprehensive centre with the team of experts dedicated to the field of treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases associated with obesity. Now he is the highest experienced bariatric surgeon having done more than 7,000 cases to his credit. He has started the 1st bariatric training centre for bariatric surgery in India and trained more than 500 surgeons from India and worldwide.

Dr Shah is designated under super surgeon category with two centres of excellence at his credit by SRC - The American board. He is the only Asian faculty invited for all international consensus summit meetings for sleeve gastrectomy.

Dr Shah is the visiting faculty and professor for laparoscopic bariatric surgery at the European Institute of Telesurgery IRCAD and many other Asian centres of bariatric surgery.

Dr Shah gets a credit of pioneering one of the most appreciated and worldwide accepted bariatric surgery, sleeve gastrectomy in Asia. Dr Shashank Shah is having large research data on sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and metabolic surgeries published in index journals. He is a principal investigator of the landmark international study of Asian diabetes and its treatment.

He has been awarded for metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes in IIT innovations in 2008.

He has presented the first-ever international broadcast by Cleveland Clinic, USA on Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes Asian Context through video-conference On 1st Aug 2008

Dr Shah is having a vast experience of 27 years of many challenging difficult general and laparoscopic surgeries, with Limca book of world records 45 hernias in 10 hours. His Total thoracoscopic thymectomy video is published as a new technique in SAGES video library - a reference American video library of guidelines and techniques at Florida, USA.

At the credit of successfully operating on the heaviest British and the heaviest patient in Asia to be operated 310 kgs and the youngest child in the world operated by him for bariatric surgery. Both the cases are featured by BBC and even National geographic channel has featured his centre and surgical skill as the best one in Asia.

He is honoured as the first Indian member of the board of International Bariatric Surgical Review Corporation (IBSRC).

Also a members of the editorial board of the journal of obesity surgery, an official journal of IFSO, bariatric times, WebmedCentral plus Bariatric And Metabolic Surgery Editorial Board as a speciality editor, Editorial board member for JOMR-Journal of metabolic and bariatric research

Dr Shashank Shah established a safest and minimally invasive obesity surgery like sleeve gastrectomy with an advanced technique in Asia. He has performed one of the largest series of successful bariatric and metabolic surgeries in Asia.

He started the first Bariatric training program in India in which thousands of surgeons from Asia and abroad are trained. He is running a bariatric training centre in India for the last 7 years.

He is the only Asian-Indian surgeon invited to share his experience about the sleeve Gastrectomy in all 4 international consensus summits (ICSSG) held in New York from 2007 to 2012.

He is the first invited speaker for the innovations session's live relay from Cleveland Clinic, USA. Dr Shah is also an editor and reviewer for many international publications.

Other than bariatric surgery, he is having a great contribution in other surgical fields also. His name is entered in Limca Book of world records in 2006 for performing 45 hernia operations in just a timespan 10 hours.

Dr Shah's own technique of thoracoscopic thymectomy for myasthenia gravis is appreciated by the world; a video of this surgery is kept in the video library of SAGES in Florida, USA.

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